Presidential Canna Lily – first blooms (Ron Paul 2012) Ha Ha

Presidential Canna Lily

Presidential Canna Lily

While I was out in the yard early this afternoon snooping around all the new growth, I took pictures  of my new blooms.

This here flower above is a Presidential Canna, grows 7-8 feet tall and has huge green leaves. (this picture is missing a Ron Paul sign, I know .. Ha Ha) When the Canna’s in the back bloom I’ll get a picture .. that picture will have the Ron Paul sign in the backround.

I really like these plants because every morning they water themselves and everything else around them. The dew collects on the leaves like you wouldn’t believe and for the first hours of early morning the water just drips off them.

I have these plants everywhere because they water alot of the other plants every morning. The only down side about the Canna is I must dig them up every year before frost. When I dig them up, there is 3 times as much as I put in the ground … I give alot away to neighbors and anyone who wants some. LOL

Below is a picture of some Presidential Canna’s and in the back ground you can see one of the straggler tomato plants I was talking about in a previous post. Those Stragglers just show up is some of the strangest places. This straggler is growing pretty good it’s already well above the fence. No tomatoes yet though.

Presidential Canna Lily

Presidential Canna Lily


I have a yellow Trumpet Vine also, this vine plant has been blooming for weeks now – I figure I take a picture anyhows. In the evenings I like to sit out and drink a cup of coffee or tea and watch the hummingbirds. I have 2 that pal around and show up once in a while. I still like to sit out and wait to see if they show up. I do have one of those hummingbird feeders in another area of the back yard, but, I’ve never seen a hummingbird at it – they love these Trumpet Vine flowers though.

Yellow Trumpet Vine

Yellow Trumpet Vine


Can’t end this post without showing you some vegetables (garden onion, red beets, sweet pepper and egg plant) .. I picked and dug up these cute eats this afternoon too, so for diner I made roasted pork loin, mashed potatoes, a stir fry with some of the veggies you see below and of course, pie. Peach pie from the peaches one of the neighbors brought over. I made 2 pies and sent the neighbor one as a thank you for the peaches.  ;o)

Garden Vegetables

Garden Vegetables




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