My Project: Creating custom Rabbit Management Records and Pedigrees

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

All this rabbit stuff is exciting, I tell ya !!

I’ve learned alot in the past few weeks on rabbits and rabbitry management, everyone seems to have their own ideas and or use software programs to help with accurate rabbitry records.

I joined a discussion forum called Rabbit Talk and the people there are very helpful and are very open to new rabbit owners asking alot of questions about anything. Pedigrees, sexes, color and genetic patterns, breeding, breeds .. very nice forum to get started with what ever project rabbit you can think up.

I mentioned last blog post that I was venturing down the path of my own Rabbitry and seeking advise from anyone willing to help with my new John and Jane Doe project. I have had overwelming support from different people and gathered alot of info on the internets.

Last week after browsing around the 4-H sites and the Rabbit Talk forums mentioning  Rabbit Management, Records, and how to create my own printables for a binder type record keeping – I decided to do it all from scratch with my own personal design. I figured if I have 2 rabbits and must start from scratch – why not start from scratch with my own custom Rabbitry Record documents.

So, that’s what I did. I created 6 documents – a pedigree, doe record, buck record, rabbit inventory, feed expenses and a breeding record. I had alot of fun creating these and after the first 5 creations .. I learned that I could do even better with my designs adding hyperlinks, photos and even generators. The possibilities are endless especially online, digital and even a smart phone application is possible. But, for now the 6 documents will do for a novice with 2 rabbits as I prefer a simple binder to start out.

I created these documents in a printable form using Open Office. This was the first time I ever used Open Office and I find it is rather amazing what all one can do. The only discouragement I had was setting the margins to print quality, I found myself always adjusting the margins after adding text. Nonetheless, all 6 should be print ready.

Here is the list of 6 documents if you care to check them out. If you have any suggestions or concerns please let me know. Tonight I plan on creating a binder cover.

(edit) I created my cover for the binder and a rabbit gestation table .. I will also add these to the list of 6 – now totaling 8 documents to get me started.

Rabbit Gestation Table

Rabbitry Cover


Rabbit Feed Expenses

Doe Record

Buck Record

Breeding Record

Rabbit Inventory

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