accurately sex rabbits — gezzz now I think I have 2 females — lol

John Doe

John Doe

I decided today to check the sex of my 2 rabbits. I had to Google first and get instructions. Ha Ha

The reason I decided to check the sex of both my rabbits is because since I split them up into their very own hutches – they are not eating very much.

For the first week I had them home here they wootzed everything I gave them.No trace of food when I go to feed at night.

1 early morning feeding (6:00am) 1 night feeding (8:00pm)

There wasn’t a trace of anything by night feeding. This is what I feed the 2 weeks when they were together in the same hutch.

1 cup rabbit pellets

1/2 apple

2 big carrots (cut in 1/2)

4 radishes

fresh parsley and cilantro (total about a handful)

slice of cabbage (not quite a 1/4 slice – I got 5 servings from one head)

I did this twice a day .. they ate everything.

Now that I spilt them up they are not eating like they did. So I cut back over the past 3 days because of it. They have been spilt in their own hutches for 4 days now. Because they didn’t eat much. And for an example this is what I fed them each this morning at 6:00am.

1/2 cup rabbit pellets

2 radishes

1 carrot

1/2 an apple

a few leafs of cabbage

4 large cuttings each of parsley and cilantro

It’s now almost 7:00pm and they hardly ate anything. They did both eat the 1/2 apple and a few pellets. Nibbles off of everything else.

So for tonight it doesn’t look like I have to night feed. Just water and maybe give another apple. It’s not even as hot as it was the first 2 weeks they were here. It was over 100 degrees then.

Anyway, I was reading online about sexing rabbits and I decided to see for myself. I know the seller told me the dark rabbit (John Doe) is a male and the light color rabbit (Jane Doe) is a female.

I found this website and read how to sex my rabbits. Jane Doe put up a fuss like no tomorrow. John was calm and collected – no fuss.

I took some pictures to show you. Now after I read that Sexing Rabbits website and after I checked my two rabbits – I think they are both female. LOL

Or maybe I didn’t use enough pressure or whateva .. but my conclusion is they are both female.

I need some help here, they both look the same to me – lol

Can anyone tell me what sex my two rabbits are for sure ? Here are pictures.

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

John Doe

John Doe

If they both are female, then I’m gonna put them back in the same hutch because they seemed alot happier when they were together. And they ate.

Maybe their sex has nothing to do with why they are not eating like they used to – it could be a number of reasons I suppose. I dunno, any suggestions on why they cut down of eating ?


2 thoughts on “accurately sex rabbits — gezzz now I think I have 2 females — lol

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