7 #Pennsylvania #Representatives still refuse to cosponsor Audit the Fed #LebanonPa #LebCo #RPF

Why are the following Representatives refusing to stand for transparency and accountability at our Nation’s Central Bank ?

If your representative is included in the above list, please call them immediately to demand they stand with the American people by cosponsoring HR 459, the Audit the Fed bill.

If your representative is already a cosponsor, I urge you to still contact them with two clear messages:

1.)  Any attempt to water down Audit the Fed – or a vote for such an attempt – will be seen as a direct attack on transparency and reported to their constituents as such.

2.)  HR 459 must receive a standalone, up or down vote on its own merits.

Congressman Paul’s HR 459 is scheduled for a vote in the U.S. House this July.


One thought on “7 #Pennsylvania #Representatives still refuse to cosponsor Audit the Fed #LebanonPa #LebCo #RPF

  1. I think many are hesitant to join the bill either because of the pressure on the representatives from the higher ups in either party.

    Or they don’t want to diminish their ability to screw with the money supply at will.


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