The Truth About Ruby Ridge 20 Years Later #LebanonPa #LebCo #RPF #RubyRidge

Last night while browsing around Alex Jones new Planet Infowars Social Network, I came across a video in one of the groups I joined named FEMA Region 3. FEMA Region 3 is the supposed Region I live in according to the map. So I joined that group.

After joining, I scrolled down and found this video The Truth about Ruby Ridge Massacre. After the first glance at the link and reading the comments I figured it’s nothing new.

That said, in 1992 I was a Senior in High School, all I wanted to do was get outta school and work my two jobs full – time and get on with my life. I remember some news reports about this Ruby Ridge and how terrorists were killing police and living in a compound holding children and babies hostage, the military was dispatched etc. I remember thinking to myself our police and military are the best and will save the children and babies.

Well … after 20 years of thinking that and running into people online defending those “terrorists” and listening to police and military comments online supporting what the Government did and how they should have killed them all and yes they were real terrorists whateva etc … I found myself not understanding and remained complacent.

Now (5.24.2012) I see both sides.

After 20 years of not paying attention, brushing it off like they were terrorists and my government was the savior or researching to find truth about the massacre at Ruby Ridge .. I now find myself compelled to at least mention : I am so sorry and that little boy Sam was a brave heart, he shot at that officer after he witnessed them shoot and kill his dog. That little boy took the time to run over to his crying dog, comfort it when it fell to the ground THEN open fired. Something only movie producers in Hollywood would have dreamed up for America.

I also find it interesting how the New World Order was mentioned as a crazy conspiracy theory and that’s the reason the government took interest in Mr. Weaver to begin with. Today our government openly promotes and endorses this New World Order – begging the question – was it ever a conspiracy theory ?

I thought the sign of the times was recent with massive police beating, shooting, killing innocent people and innocent pets on their own property, evidently this isn’t the case.

After researching for couple hours about the agencies and people involved I see there is a direct connection to the “Waco Seige” that happened in 1993, one year later. That too I never payed attention to until right now.


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