Today is 5.17.12 and possibly Ron Paul’s last MONEYBOMB

Well, today is the day. I know after all the campaign and RPF ruckus this week, I see alot of people are thinking twice about this May 17th MONEYBOMB. It’s disheartening to read some of the comments in regards to recent campaign emails.

Ron Paul has fought to defend Liberty and to restore the US Constitution for over 30 years, most of those years and in some cases even now amongst his peers he stands alone.

This man is 90 days away from the Republican National Convention and possible GOP nomination for POTUS in 2012 in the General Election. From what I gather, no-one knows the real delegate counts, no-one knows who the unbound delegates will vote for, no-one knows exactly what will happen in Tampa. As far as I’m concerned, the RNC GOP nomination in Tampa is Mitt Romney’s to lose. There is also talk about RNC Rule 38.

Those of us who have been involved since 2007, should know the tactics of the MSM, talking heads, GOP and everyone else that objects to Liberty and the Founding Documents just how low they go to saboteur, cheat and marginalize Ron Paul and this Revolution. We also know, not everyone in the Ron Paul Revolution is a Ron Paul supporter. As a matter of fact, (speaking for myself of course) it is/was to be expected.

Anyhows, today is what some call Ron Paul’s last MONEYBOMB (personally I don’t think so) and beings Ron Paul has stood up for us over 30 years, all those floor speeches, all those stand alone votes defending our Constitution, all the time and energy away from his family, all the public BS making him out to be crazy, kooky, no business on stage and (insert here) whateva else you can think of – it’s time for us to stand for him and support his (possibly) last MONEYBOMB.

I know it’s been tough for some of us to gather up moneys to support each and every MONEYBOMB through-out both the 2008 and 2012 Campaigns .. but this is it folks. This is the Mother of all MONEYBOMB’s – Let’s do this for the Troops and get Ron Paul in the White House !!

That is all.

Please Donate at

Tune in for some livestream at 9:00pm tonight @ with TMOT,  Josh Tolley,  Mary Willison,  Ben Swan an others also chat with liberty friends.


2 thoughts on “Today is 5.17.12 and possibly Ron Paul’s last MONEYBOMB

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