The average voter needs to know …

Everyone can see higher prices at the pump and the grocery store, but somehow don’t connect that to our debt.

The fact is that, despite the Government’s ‘official’ inflation rate of 2%, we are experiencing a ‘REAL’ inflation rate of around 10%, largely due to our currency being devalued through debt. Like water will always find level, inflation will always find a way of expressing itself and we are seeing that in commodities prices, which directly affects the price we pay for everything.

We will be looking at almost $18 trillion in debt by Inauguration Day. ALL the other candidates plans will
increase our debt even more while Ron Paul’s plan will give us a balanced budget in 3 years. The increased debt that comes with the other candidates plans guarantees inflation, which will take a bigger bite out of everyone’s pocket.

A vote for anyone but Ron Paul is a vote for another hit on the wallet.