9-13-2011 “Take Two: The President’s Proposal to Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs”

The Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight, and Government Spending held a hearing, which examined the results of the Administration’s economic policies thus far and explored the proposals outlined by President Obama on Thursday, September 8, 2011.

Chief Executive Officer
Euro Pacific Capital Inc.
Full hearing below.
Source: Oversite.gov

Peter Schiff testimony compilation. Schiff really separated himself among the panel of academics and more formal economists. He explains economics in understandable terms and in an engaging manner. Well done Peter.


2 thoughts on “9-13-2011 “Take Two: The President’s Proposal to Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs”

  1. The problems for the people’s of USA / being 666 times
    worse than such having been represented by the media.

    It never has been so dark /for the american people / light
    love / compassion / understanding / faith / trust / devotion
    none existant / long term heading towards an nuclear war.

    Yet every cloud brings its silver linning / as it being now for
    America’s people. The darkness bringing a blessing / many
    of the worlds most enlightened be born in an USA / bringing
    an guiding light / in taking people’s focus away from material
    illusion returning focus to / the breath of life / knowing its gift.

    Such depth growth within truth / being represented in an long
    awaited creation of Palestinian free state / the freedom of the
    Palestinian people / also brings the USA its spiritual awakning.


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