Ron Paul gets most military donations

** On July 16 2011 Lafayette does the tracking on donations and she told us this : FEC site

She based these numbers off the employer section. Anyone who described their employer as military. Army, Navy ,Air Force, National Guard ,Costa Guard, Marine Corps and Dept of Defense.
An this is what she came up with so far.
*Now these numbers are not 100% accurate, she may have missed one here or there.*
Cain $6223
Romney $4350
Bachmann $2550
Newt $1025
Pawnlety $250
Santorum $250
Johnson $0
Total $14648.00
The Good Doctor comes in more than double all the other Republican candidates combined.
Paul $ 31822.21
Then add in Obama’s total of $14849.00 to the others = ($29497.00) and RP still beats em!

Then …

Digital Journal posted this on August 25, 2011 ** Ron Paul continues to get the most military donations of any candidate, but of particular note is the wide disparity. Also note that although Rick Santorum claims to support the troops, they sure as heck don’t support him.

Dr. Paul was able to produce $36,739.79 in donations from U.S. military personnel. His closest Republican competitor was Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, who raised $6,223.

The complete breakdown can be found below (in alphabetical order):

– Rep. Michelle Bachmann: $2,550

– Herman Cain: $6,223

– Rep. Newt Gingrich: $1,025

– Gov. Gary Johnson: $0

– Rep. Ron Paul: $36,739.79

– Gov. Tim Pawlenty (dropped out of race): $250

– Gov. Mitt Romney: $5,000

– Sen. Rick Santorum: $250

*Texas Governor Rick Perry was not included in the tallying.”


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