Ron Paul Delegate Training

If you aren’t elected as a delegate from caucus, you can’t vote for Ron Paul in any of the caucus states. The sooner you and I register as many Ron Paul Republicans as possible, the sooner we restore the republic!

The caucus states are: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nevada, Nebraska, Washington, Maine, Wyoming, Texas, Utah


One thought on “Ron Paul Delegate Training

  1. *suzu*
    1) Show up for the caucus (find out where/when it is held in your county) and learn in advance which caucus attendees are RP supporters so you can plan who will be nominated as delegates, what platform issues to present, etc. Also if you can get a majority of caucus-goers, try to elect an RP supporter as chairman.

    2) Assuming you are elected as a delegate, meet with your Regional Campaign Coordinator ahead of District convention to discuss strategies, nominations (we nominated a bunch but only voted for certain ones), etc. Try to get RP people elected to Rules Committee and be sure to have RP people watching vote counts if you do written ballots for election of delegates.

    3) There is far less chance of being elected as a delegate to the national convention. You may be part of a “slate” or vote on one. In any event if RP has not won the state primary you may be obliged to vote for whoever did win, on the first ballot or possibly the first two. Anything can happen though as candidates drop out near the end of the race.

    4) There should be someone connected with the campaign in your area who can give you the best info. Find out who this person is, make sure they know of your interest, and offer to help them.


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