Oath Keepers To Muster Quartzsite, Arizona, August 27, 2011

Source Reference: http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2011/08/03/oath-keepers-to-muster-quartzsite-arizona-august-27-2011/

The Oath Keepers will be hosting a Muster in support of the Quartzsite Ten who courageously did stand their ground against corruption within that town’s Police Department.

The purpose of this Muster is to support the courageous stand against alleged corruption within that town’s Police Department by ten police officers of the Quartzsite, Arizona Police Department. The ten officers are currently under “administrative leave”, and at least two of them have had their employment in Quartzsite Police Department terminated.

The Muster is also aimed at supporting local patriot/activist Jennifer ‘Jade’ Jones and Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster. Oath Keepers intends to spotlight the need for local involvement in local government and to encourage unity through community action as small-town America strives for transparency and accountability in local affairs.

Please note: The allegations brought forth against Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert are only that – allegations. Therefore, Oath Keepers has no stance on Chief Gilbert. This Muster is not directed at the Chief of Police or at his Department. This Muster is solely aimed to support the Quartzsite Ten and to show public approval of their willingness to seek proper and lawful execution of and administration of the law in Quartzsite.

There will be speakers and a presentation of awards for the Quartzsite Ten.
The Muster will include an Oath Keepers march similar to our march at the Tucson Muster this past Memorial Day (May 30, 2011). We want marching flags and banners please. Oath Keepers are encouraged to wear their Oath Keepers gear. To buy your black-and-gold Muster shirts, hats and other gear, please check with our online store:

Arizona Oath Keepers – Contact Mike Frye: phone- 623-521-3612
Montana Oath Keepers – Contact Elias Alias eliasalias@gmail.com phone- 406-285-6597

Sons of Liberty Riders is already recruiting their members for this event. Please see their page with meet-up info for Quartzsite:


2 thoughts on “Oath Keepers To Muster Quartzsite, Arizona, August 27, 2011

  1. Important message from Stewart Rhodes.

    Oath keepers, this rally in Quartzsite, AZ on August 27 is now more than just a march in support of ten oath keeping officers and a stand-up Marine veteran Mayor.
    This is going to be a liberty celebration BASH. (See detailes itinerary below).

    After the march in honor of the Quartzsite ten, we will have a big barbeque and then live music on into the night by some excellent local bands and also a live concert by freedom fighter musician JORDAN PAGE.

    Jordan is a nationally known superstar in the freedom movement, and a big supporter of Oath Keepers (he often wears an Oath Keepers Tee shirt when he performs). He’s the Thomas Paine of music. He loves Oath Keepers and is honored to join us for this historic event.

    We do need to help cover his costs, so we have created a chip in where folks can donate to help get Jordan Page to our event in Quartzsite, Arizona on August 27. Please donate and spread it around to others.

    We will also be joined by Arizona radio show dynamo and freedom fighter Ernest Hancock, of Freedom’s Phoenix, who will do a live broadcast of the event. He will also post the Jordan Page chip-in on his site and help raise funds and promote the event.

    This event will be an historic stand for honor, courage, and oath keeping, and will serve as an example of what MUST happen across American to restore our Republic.

    We all need to sweep our own “porch” clean, sweeping out corruption and good ol boy networks and big government petty tyrants in every community.

    Let it start here. Let it start now, right in Quartzsite. Let’s set the example and show em how it’s done!

    And let’s also hold a celebration of our liberty and our commitment to take up the torch of liberty handed down to us from our fathers, and reaffirm our commitment to preserve it for our children. FEAR NOT, and let the beast know you fear not, by joining us with a smile on your face.

    Remember, all that matters is that our children are free.

    Source Reference: http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2011/08/12/oath-keepers-to-muster-quartzsite-arizona-august-27-2011/


  2. via Email Update:

    Two Arizona State Legislators Will March With Oath Keepers and Speak In Quartzsite this Saturday, August 27, 2011!

    Updating August 24, 2011
    Oath Keepers is pleased and honored to announce that two current serving Arizona state legislators, Representative Carl Seel, House District 6 (Chairman of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee), and Representative Judy M. Burges, House District 4, will be joining us at the head of our march on Saturday morning, August 27, 2011 in Quartzsite.They will be there to honor the “Quartzsite Ten” police officers when the march stops at the Quartzsite Town Hall, and both of these fine legislators will be keynote speakers at the Liberty Festival after the march, which starts at 1pm.


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